We Don’t…


I believe in this wholeheartedly. I’m not a people person by any stretch of the imagination, but by some great miracle, people find me and stick with me once they realize the kind of person I am.

My oldest friend has been in my life for over 20 years. I still make her laugh like I did from day one. My best friend has been in my life for a little over 17 years. I have no idea why she keeps me, except for the fact that I know I make her laugh and I know she loves me. She’s not lacking in the humor department either, she’s pretty hilarious. My dear friend/sister has been with me almost as long. My new friends (you know who you are lovely WPers) who have been with me for under a year are no less special to me than those who’ve seemingly been with me forever. If I’ve taken the time to e-mail you, talk on the phone, or message with you, then I’ve extended the hand of friendship, a hand I swore I would not reach out to others ever again.

I believe in a reason for everything. Lets all be good to each other. Hugs, Love, & Support to you all.  


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