9 thoughts on “Now All We Need…

      • LOL.

        I’m a total raunch, so there’s no telling what will come out of my mouth most days. I am generally very good on-line, I don’t swear as much as I do in every day life, but even that has gotten tamer with age. It just depends on my mood, I suppose. It can get pretty appalling, but I’d only ever do it in front of someone I knew wasn’t going to die over a few words. Some people have the sense of humor of a wall.

      • PMSL @ Some people have the sense of humor of a wall.


        Yeah I swear like a trooper, but need to be careful in-front of the girls. So I have to tame it. But out with my mates, fuck every second word is a swear word.. Don’t we all speak like this?

        And I think having a sense of humour is A MUST in this life.. Fuck I couldn’t live without one.. .

        Still laughing at the Wall.. ๐Ÿ˜€

      • It’s TRUE. I generally get people laughing when I say the goofiest things, but more often than not people just stare at me in this clueless fashion that makes me wonder exactly how many brain cells they have. It’s creepy.

        I don’t pay a lot of attention to my audience most of the time when it comes to how I speak, but I try not to do it in front of kids, despite the fact that some of them make me look like a saint.

        No, not everyone swears a lot with their friends. I’ve had friends that would visibly cringe whenever I opened my mouth, so I’d do it on purpose because they were so uptight, but would never say anything about it. I’d always think “We’re all adults. If you don’t like what I just said, have the balls to say something to me.” None of them ever did. I only do it when I’m really comfortable with someone, otherwise I’m a bit more proper, but at home? NO. I’m like most people, I curse at TV shows and sports on a regular basis.

        I grew up with parents that had a similar twisted sense of humor, and they definitely passed it on to my brother & I. He & I say a lot of the same things or we just look at each other at the same time when someone does something stupid in front of us. He once had to pull me away from a girl at a coffee shop because she asked the waiter “Could you like toast my bagel in the microwave or something?” She was on line in front of me, or I never would have heard the request. The look on my face was PRICELESS and my brother thought I was going to not only correct her and let her know how dumb she was, but inform her that toasting generally occurs in toasters. He dragged me away saying “We’re in public and there are cameras here. You can’t hit her.” LOL. However, I still got my coffee that morning, so all was good, but he is one of the only people who can gauge my reaction quickly before someone gets hurt. He & I spend a lot of time together and we often have to switch to conversations in other languages to avoid the stupidity of others.

        We have the same sense of humor, but there are a lot of days when I totally blow his mind with something I say. I probably hear a complaint half a dozen times a day about something I’ve said or done, if not more. Most of the time, I just do it to see if he’s paying attention.

        I couldn’t live without a sense of humor either.

      • You are half Scottish, you know this right?
        You don’t take yourself or life too serious..


      • LOL. I know you mean that as a compliment. I’m actually part tribal Siberian, part Russian, part Mongolian, part Belarusian, part Romanian, part Ukrainian, part British, part Polish, part Lithuanian, part Argentinean, part Italian (Rome and Venice), part Sicilian (Palermo), part Greek, part German, part Spanish (Zaragoza), and part Israeli. Technically, I’m only second generation American.

        I’ve had a difficult life in many respects, so I think that’s why I don’t take a lot of things too seriously. However, I am serious and downright unpleasant to deal with when it comes to certain things. If a person questions my loyalty or the kind of person I am in general, my integrity, they will be met with someone that isn’t very nice.


        And I did yeah. We laugh over here and NEVER take ourselves too serious. All good here…

        And the way I see a difficult like (You read my quest blog yeah?) is, that life made us who we are today, we we can’t look back and regrette (Not saying you do) But it hardens us to life. In a good way..

        And me, just me, I don’t give a SHIT what people think of me, because I know who I am.. (Not saying you don’t) lol

        We are all different and that is cool..

        Like what you said there Lisa, Very cool!

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