Happy Birthday M!


Happy Birthday M!

I couldn’t find a different sibling song, so this is the one I’m using today in honor of my brother’s birthday. He’s feeling really down about getting a year older (I relate, as I am sure many others do too.), but I am trying to convince him that life is to be celebrated. There are so many people who’d kill to be his age and have his problems, so on today and every day I want him to know I’ve got his back. I was asked quite specifically not to do a tribute to him or mention him by name (which is fine because I only ever call him M any way, unless I’m being mean.), so this will have to do.

Happy Birthday M! Thank you for being there for me even when I don’t want you to be, for bringing me soup when I’m sick, cupcakes when I’m down, and heating up countless ice packs for me whenever I am down for the count with a migraine or Fibromyalgia pain. You are a total pain in the ass, but you’re also pretty awesome at times too. And NO, I will not tell you what I got you.


7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday M!

  1. That is one terrific song, saved/stolen for my “Today is ok” playlist…
    And a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your Bro, hope you all had a good time Lisa..

    Shaun x

    • Thanks Shaun. =) It was really sweet of you to leave a birthday message for him here.
      Unfortunately, he didn’t want to celebrate on the actual day and we still haven’t celebrated. He’s sour on getting older. He did this last year too. Dealing with him and his birthday is never pleasant.

      • LOL!
        When I turned 40 I didn’t want a party, why Celebrate becoming an old fart 😀 I can feel his pain…

        Hope you had a good weekend Lisa.. x

      • Hmmm
        I think allowing one to be as they need or want to be is important Lisa…I know your intentions are ALWAYS good. Maybe this is just his way?
        Example. My Dad was 68! 2 weeks ago, he NEVER wants cards, parties, EVER…He has always been the same. We all just gave up..He gave US ALL A LIFE, FOR LIFE…And won’t take anything from us, even a card he doesn’t like..I don’t understand, it is hurtful, but in the end we all just said “Fek it, pointless” 😀

        I know you have a big heart and only want your Brother to enjoy himself. You are like that.. xx

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