Vicious, Vicious Mood


Do bad days ever just turn into bad months, culminating in a series of moments where you realize that you’re experiencing a bad year, or possibly bad years, plural? That’s how I’m feeling right now and yet, people refuse to mind their own business, step back, and fuck off. I should be wearing a Do Not Disturb sign as a t-shirt because I am all sorts of pissed off and there’s just no getting around it. I wish I could say it was *just* PMS (sorry guys), but honestly, I think I’ve simply reached my limit for the next 10 years worth of idiocy, ignorance, stupidity, and douche-baggery.

I actually had someone start an obnoxious passive-aggressive “fight” with me via Facebook this week. If a person doesn’t speak to me at all for well over a year and a half and then proceeds to comment on my status with a “Hehe” (My God-daughter will be three in six months, and her vocabulary is far superior to that of an almost 40 year old woman. How sad is that?!), I am going to want to harm them. This is just plain fact, though most of the time I am very good at ignoring one’s idiocy, depending on how high you are on my friendship/love scale.

Pretending to be a “friend” wanting to “brighten my day” is bullshit. If a person wants to brighten my day, there are so many private ways to do that, you do not need to do it on Facebook so that others can think you’re a good person. Moreover, either I am your friend at all times or you can fuck off. There is no middle ground. I am not here for anyone’s amusement. I take my friendships and relationships seriously because honestly, why bother if you’re not going to be genuine?! Be real. Don’t pretend with me and then passively aggressively ask me if you’ve done something wrong. Yes, you’ve done something wrong. You’ve behaved like an idiotic jack-ass and even better, everyone on Facebook gets to see how childish you are and how curt I am in turn. When I tell a person that Facebook is not the time, nor the place for this, and that if they have something to say to me personally, to do so, that does NOT mean you ask me a question via Facebook messaging. It means you put on your big girl panties and send me an e-mail like an adult (this only pertains to friends overseas. If you live in the U.S. or Canada, pick up the fucking phone. I asked several people if I was wrong and they agreed with me, so I know I’m not being childish, petty, or dramatic.). And please, do us all a favor and don’t claim that I’m a treasured friend “regardless of the miles between us or how busy our daily lives are” (I’m paraphrasing here.) when I haven’t been a treasured friend in quite some time. In fact, do yourself a very big favor and un-friend me ’cause it’s very clear to me that we are not friends, as most people on Facebook aren’t any way, despite knowing each other for 18 years.

A formerly dear friend (who I will eventually blog about because after discarding me for a guy she barely knew three years ago, I need to get the situation off my chest before I show up at her front door and do her serious harm. That’s not a threat, it’s not often I feel such anger and hatred toward someone I once loved like a sister.) once told me that it’s ok to outgrow people and move on from friendships when they no longer work for you. She also said she believes in having closure and saying something to the other person, as opposed to just leaving them hanging (apparently not, but it wouldn’t be the first time a huge lie came out of her big trap!). I did not know if I agreed back then, but now I’m feeling like maybe she was right. Of course, maybe my tolerance level just isn’t up to snuff this week/month/year. Who knows? Who cares? Vicious mood shall remain vicious. I have a weekend full of sports to take out my hostility on.

I’ll be back with your usually scheduled insanity when my post-concussion nausea and dizziness subside. Does anyone have any ginger? This is NOT the time for me to run out of ginger tea. Note to self: Buy stock in Lipton.


6 thoughts on “Vicious, Vicious Mood

  1. Bitches – they just won’t go away sometimes. And I’m with you – personal things should be done in personal ways, and Facebook is about as anti-personal as it gets. Hope things start to improve soon. Love the e-card. 🙂

    • Honestly, I thought I was losing my mind and that, somehow, people stopped remembering how to be personal and private about certain things in life. I’ve really come to despise social media for becoming this platform where people forget how to communicate properly, where there’s so much bragging about things that, in reality, probably don’t come anywhere near to the truth. I’ve simply decided to ignore this person because once you show me your true colors and I see how fake and ugly they are, I don’t have much use for you. I’m a very different breed of human being. But having you step right up and agree with me was nice, it made me feel like I was being myself, remaining fair and true.
      I’d been saving that e-card for a while, I’m glad I was finally able to use it for a good cause. LOL.
      Hope you’re doing well. =)

  2. I can relate to this in every single word. I have been forming a Blog in my mind about a couple of ignorant people in my life that don’t give a damn what I endure every day living in chronic pain. I don’t want their sympathy a little understanding would be great instead of being so self-centered! Again, I can relate to this Blog!

    • The better part of this world is self-centered and self-absorbed. I don’t want anyone’s sympathy or pity either, and I’m sick of being called upon only when someone else needs me, that does not work for me. Checking out when I call you is not cool, unless someone has died and you’re out of town. I think I’ll always take issue with that because I’m the exact opposite of self-centered and self-absorbed. I’m a pretty unselfish person.
      I always tell people “Do some reading. Learn something. It would probably floor you to know exactly what people like me go through every single day of their lives.” Thus far, no one has cared enough to do the reading or taken the time to Google something, which I will always feel makes them less of a friend. If a friend comes to me and they have an illness I know nothing about, then I pick up a book, I Google it, and I learn all that I can that way I can be there and be supportive, as well as helpful and knowledgable.
      I will be doing a much longer piece on friendship and what it means to me. I’m sure plenty of people will be able to relate to the shit I’ve experienced throughout my life with “friends”, ’cause no one has perfect, solid friends their entire life and if they do, they’re just kidding themselves. There were people in my life who I thought would remain in my life until we were all old & grey with grandchildren playing together, but thus far I’m pretty positive I can only say that for a handful of people. I believe in quality, not quantity. I’ll never win a popularity contest, but I will remain true to myself and my beliefs. I will stand my ground.

    • Cookies sound awesome right now. =) I keep forgetting I can just buy gingersnaps. The only thing that really helps is ginger tea, but I’m all out, naturally. More than one person has asked me if I have morning sickness. That’s a reputation I don’t want right this minute.

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