You Can’t Save …

You Can’t Save Others…

“You can’t save others from themselves because those who make a perpetual muddle of their lives don’t appreciate your interfering with the drama they’ve created. They want your poor-sweet-baby sympathy, but they don’t want to change.”  ―Sue Grafton

4 thoughts on “You Can’t Save …

  1. Unfortunately, I had to learn this the hard way and it’s cost me a friendship. Then again, the person ended up always draining me of energy that I think it was worth it to just let them fade out of my life. I believe in being sympathetic but not when they clearly relish their misery in a sad, masochistic way.

    • This sort of behavior has cost me many friendships. I don’t think anyone is a quality friend when they enjoy YOUR pain and misery because it makes them feel better about their own lives, and anyone that wants to come and go as they please in your life is not a true friend. It’s taking a lot for me to remain a lady and not say what I really think and feel, to dial back the anger. I do like closure in my relationships, but we don’t always get it and you’re right, sometimes letting them fade out is worth it. I’m a sympathetic person in certain instances and extremely harsh in others. I’m not a sugar-coater, and people tend to back away from me unless I’m telling them what they want to hear. For me, that’s very false and I can’t do it.

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