The Right Foods For Managing Depression

The Right Foods For Managing Depression

I can personally attest to the fact that eating more salmon & steelhead trout makes me feel SO MUCH better, especially paired with seasonal veggies and whole grain rice. I love carbs (pasta is an addiction) and refuse to give them up, but I also like to maintain a balanced diet because if my diet isn’t balanced, I go completely insane. I’m 95% dairy free, so all in all, I think I’m doing pretty good on this level. If only everything else worked out the same way. Blech!

3 thoughts on “The Right Foods For Managing Depression

  1. I find with carbs (I love pasta) and Italian food, I LOVE Italian food, I go on a real downer soon after so I had to change my diet a while back. I was gutted, but it stopped the fog a little.
    Sometimes not eating things we like is a must.

    Crap, in it?

    • I think it depends on how one processes carbs. I use whole grain and whole wheat pasta and my pasta sauce is 100% homemade and super healthy (there’s literally less than 8 ingredients in it), and that, along with not eating “white pasta”, makes a difference for me. I’m a big fan of olive oil, it’s the only oil I cook with. I won’t even make scrambled eggs without olive oil, which people used to think was weird, until they tasted it and decided it was actually really good. Obviously, I eat a lot of Italian food because 1, I love it and 2, I am part Italian. I have a rule though and that is “I will not go to an Italian restaurant if I know I can make the dish 10 times better than they do.” There are only a handful of things I cannot make (lasagna and I do not see eye-to-eye.), so I prefer to make as much of it myself as possible.
      Sometimes I feel really limited in what I can and cannot eat, especially since I’ve had to eliminate damn near all dairy, but I’ve grown to love coconut milk and unless I’m baking or making homemade ice cream, I don’t keep milk or cream in the house at all. That helps. I can’t even eat ice cream or gelato any more, which sucks, but I’m getting over it slowly. I’ve expanded my range of fruit, which I think is a good alternative.

      • I am the same with most dairy products, had to leave them out. Even Coffee is a real no-no late on, I mean, 4/5 hours after waking up. Coffee when I awake is ok. Ice cream, same, and who doesn’t love Ice cream 😀

        And ITALIAN food and Shaun are good friends. I have to be careful though some of the sauces etc are not good for me. I know a few Italian lads through business here in Scotland, a few have restaurants, and I get free food. Love Italian food, all we really eat in the house to be honest…Being a Catholic, sorry, being in a raised Catholic family must have done that as most of my family are the same.. lol x

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