11 thoughts on “Same Love

  1. I love this song. But it’s such a shame that Macklemore is getting a lot of shit about this, because he’s white. It’s about the message, listen to the song lyrics. It’s a great song, In my opinion. With a great message behind it too. 🙂

    • It’s not a new song, so I don’t see why he’s catching anything over it. He’s simply saying things that a lot of people don’t want to hear, and don’t accept or respect. Regardless of whether he’s white or green, he’s saying the right things. I’d much rather hear something positive that makes me feel like a quality human being, than hear something negative in a rap song of any kind. Plus, he speaks beautifully. You can hear every word he’s saying, whereas some songs you’re listening and saying “How many times do they need to say bitch?!” I listen to a little bit of everything, but this song is so strong that I can’t help, but nod my head and smile over it.

  2. never heard about the singer, didn’t know the song…but the video plays over here =) and it’s AWESOME! Thanks for sharing XOXO

      • Some of the songs you put up I am like “This won’t work” you know the ones, someone featuring someone, but you have a brilliant musical taste, say that for ya Lisa x

      • Yeah, what it is all about, taste…
        When I said “Didn’t think they would work” They did, that’s what I meant, sorry, should have been clearer 🙂


      • It’s ok. I know my taste isn’t for everyone, but I go for things that move me in the moment. Of late I’m choosing some pretty dark stuff because it suits my mood, but everyone once in a while I come across something that inspires me in some way or makes me feel like I’m a decent human being. Music is at the soul of so much.

      • Same, people laugh but I go from James Blunt, Billy Joel, to Pink Floyd, Bob Marley and UB40 and all inbetween. Usually if I am in a decent mood Floyd and the rest…Feeling a bit lo the other stuff. That’s what music is, a feeling or expression, no right, no wrong..Unless it’s Iron Maiden or Slash 🙂

      • Like you, I choose music based on my mood. I never listen to anything unless it’s on shuffle, and sometimes even then I’m moving forward instead of staying on a song, for whatever reason. Generally when I don’t want to hear something, it comes on every other minute. If I wanted to deal with that, I’d listen to the radio all the time and be crankier than I already am.

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