This Song Goes Out To You

How awesome is this?! 100% truth. Love it. Enjoy!

Fish Of Gold

Halfway through August and I haven’t done my monthly Blogger’s For Peace challenge yet. Tsk tsk. I have an excuse though! I’ve actually been working on this for a while, trying to get it right.

This month, We are to invoke the power of music.

My favorite inanimate thing on earth is music. One could argue that music is anything but inanimate. It stirs the soul, it makes you feel, it makes you think. Music has the power to bring us together by involuntarily triggering emotions on a visceral level. It is humanity’s culture, values and emotions wrapped up in a tidy auditory package. It is our oral heritage.

Music can change my mood. It can lift me up when I’m feeling down. It can make me feel not quite so alone. It can inspire me. And, really, what’s the most peaceful emotion that humans have? If you said stabbing…

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What Is Your Worst Fibromyalgia Symptom?

I don’t think there’s a single symptom I’d define as “pleasant”. Constantly being in pain and suffering through your days is an unacceptable way of life. We need better pain management and medications available to us, especially those without horrendous side effects.