Overcoming Fibromyalgia: A Thiamine Study

Overcoming Fibromyalgia: A Thiamine Study


A few years ago I increased my B6 intake because it was on a list of things that Fibro patients apparently run low on. I don’t take it daily because B vitamins build up in my system too quickly and make me sick, so a few times a week is all that’s necessary for me. I have no idea if we’re also B1 deficient, but since it’s a vitamin, it doesn’t hurt some of us to try this out for a few months and see how we feel. I will look into it and let you know when I start taking it.

I was surprised to discover that it’s NOT in my regular multi-vitamin, which is considered a really good multi-vitamin for women. It’s a brand I’ve trusted for a really long time. If I can find it (B1) in a different multi, that might be the route I take, but since I often forget a multi on a daily basis, I will also look for it on its own. Anyone else willing to try this out with me?

Severing Ties…

Severing Ties

“Even if we choose to sever the ties to all we ever knew as home, to redefine the spaces we live in, the emotions that seem most natural to us, the ways we have of loving, there is a haunting feeling of loss and admiration for the people we knew first and best. Even if we never speak to them again, they are our first and purest loves. There is, for all of us, a time in which they meant the world. Sometimes, that time lasts as long as we live. It is eternal as breath. It is changeless and deathless. Sometimes, it ends at a very early age. Sometimes, we cannot help ourselves. Things happen.” ―Robert Goolrick