4 thoughts on “Remind Yourself…

  1. It’s an important thing to remember. I’m a perfectionist and I beat myself up over what I can and cannot do because of the pain I’m in. If I’m awake when I should be sleeping, I beat myself up, etc. Perfectionism, for me, is a form of self-harm. It’s mental harm.

    • Hey you are not vain..
      You live in pain, bad pain….
      I live in Bad pain..
      I know I can’t advise anyone Lisa, but babe, just go with it yeah? Really, don’t stress, don’t get angry, Just realize this is how things are. They may change, they may now. I beat the shit out of myself..And I know I shouldn’t. So I stopped. If I am up 2 days straight…Then I smile and get on with it.
      In a perfect World I can work, walk the dog for miles, be a better Daddy, do football, etc etc..I can’t Lisa…
      So I be thankful I breath 🙂

      I do feel crap/shit sometimes..But happens to the best of us right? I can only say, after 15 years, this is how I deal…

      Ever need to speak, you know where I am ok. x

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