7 thoughts on “9 Signs Your Antidepressant Isn’t Working

  1. Interesting. I really am not find of my antidepressant. It’s a generic of the older model if Lexapro, but it’s all I can afford and it’s better than nothing.

    • Have you tried anything new in the last five years? Cymbalta’s definitely coming up for generic soon (I’ve taken it since it was released. I stopped a year ago.), so I’d look into that if you’re unhappy with what you currently take because it does work and it works quickly, and the side effects were minimal.
      I think they’ve all got a shelf life though in terms of how well they work for a person. I don’t know anyone who’s taken just one thing for 20 years, etc. Eventually, a medication will stop working properly. It’s hard finding the right medication to begin with. I’m extremely open about what I’ve been on and what worked for me, especially if it might help someone.

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