Color Me Anything, But Surprised!

Color Me Anything, But Surprised!

Are they saying the doctors are simply better in India at diagnosing or that no one in India suffers from Bipolar Disorder? Because the last time I checked, doctors are a little too quick to diagnose a person here and they’re often wrong. That can be blamed on the amount of time most of them get to spend in the same room with us, and of course, there are other factors as well. The whole thing gives me a headache, really.

Race For The Chase…

Race For The Chase…


I’m heartbroken over this. My face just fell reading this news Tuesday morning. Anyone that knows me well knows that I absolutely adore Tony Stewart. I think he’s an excellent driver, and I simply like him as a person. He’s direct, he’s honest, he’s real, and at the end of the day he’s true to himself. He makes me laugh and when he wins, I smile for a week.

Losing him for what will probably be 4-8 weeks upsets me greatly. I really was not expecting him to win once he got into The Chase, but I was expecting at least another race win or two this season and I definitely expected him to make The Chase. With a replacement driver, I have no hopes now for any of that.

I am praying for a healthy recovery for him from both operations. Looking forward to a solid 2014. I will still be cheering for SHR’s other drivers.

#14 in 2014!!