MSG & Migraines

MSG & Migraines

I have found that I’m sensitive to MSG, but not all of the time. If something is heavily dosed, I will get a headache pretty quickly from it, but if it’s a small amount, it won’t affect me. We’re all different in this respect, but this is still good info to have.

6 thoughts on “MSG & Migraines

    • I wouldn’t call it an allergy, per se, but I am sensitive to high amounts of it. The sensitivity to it runs in my family. Either we get extremely intense headaches after consuming something heavily laced with MSG, or even a small amount sets some people off. For me, I’ve noticed that my skin is the first indicator that something has too much MSG in it. My face will flame, I’ll suddenly go from my normal pale complexion to looking like I have a horrific sunburn, and it takes a while for that to calm down. Sometimes a week or two. If a headache follows, I know something had MSG in it, especially if I was at a restaurant. It’s one of the reasons I’m so picky about food and what goes into it. I’m careful about what I put into things when I’m cooking, especially when I know that everyone is sensitive to that particular additive. Unfortunately, it’s in a lot of things and not everything is clearly labeled if it’s imported. I try to avoid it as much as humanly possible. Not just for headaches, but for flare-ups of pain. It makes me more sensitive for some reason. I’ve noticed the connection for probably five or six years, give or take.

      • Wow. I was just curious because I have always heard about the terrible reactions to MSG that people have. I am glad you are really watching what you eat!

      • There are other chemicals in food that I avoid because I’m extremely sensitive to them. Suffering from migraines, I eliminated everything you’re supposed to initially and then slowly re-introduced things back into my life. A sour pickle might still bother me here and there, but I can handle them now that I don’t eat them often. MSG & anything with a high sulphur content are things I avoid as much as humanly possible.

    • That happens to some of my family members, even when we go to a place that says they don’t use MSG, they’reprobably not paying attention to the ingredients in every single thing they use. Also, some of us can have an adverse reaction to soy sauce. There’s so much we’re not supposed to eat.

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