6 thoughts on “The List Is Long, But….

      • Change in attitude, feelings and loyalty. People you were friends with no longer want to be with you, because of ..any reason they can think of..hurts ? Yes. But..they have proved ..they are no longer your friends..so conclusion is..let it go..

      • You’re entitled to your opinion. Personally, if I let someone into my life and heart and they’re disloyal, they can expect for me to never forget it. There are some things you let fly, and then there will always be times when you put your foot down.

  1. I certainly agree with you on this. And I agree with “Change is often a good thing. Being disrespected is not.” I despise being disrespected!

    • That was my whole point. If someone disrespects you, you don’t just “let it go”. It enrages me when someone says that to me. Unless you know the people involved and the circumstances, “letting it go” may not be an option. Being disrespected is high on the list of things that will set me off.

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