Somewhere Out There…

Somewhere Out There…

In Memory of my Grandfather, who to this day is still the finest man I have ever known. You are missed beyond words. I know you’ll always look after me. I am so proud of who you were and all that you gave me.

Ti amerò sempre.

6 thoughts on “Somewhere Out There…

    • I think it was the first movie I saw without him. I remember sitting there and thinking about that. The song has stayed with me ever since. Anytime I hear it, I cry.

      • I’m sick of crying, it doesn’t help unless you’ve got a lot of pent up emotion. And if pain is making me cry, that’s not a good sign. I didn’t realize until a few years ago that I was screaming in pain in my sleep. At least now I’m aware of it and can hear myself doing it. I no longer question when every single pillow is across the room and I can’t find my blanket. I’m a destructive sleeper when I’m in pain. The Fibromylagia pillow was great initially, but now I’m giving it to my brother or trashing it, whichever he’d prefer.

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