If you know me well, you know that I seriously despise the color red. I only wear it on race day or the day after a race has been won. I maybe wear red nail polish once every other year, if that. I don’t know exactly when my aversion to red began, but it repels me in a lot of ways. For me it’s a color that represents the exact opposite of this song, but, in a hypocritical sort of way, I still love this song.  

2 thoughts on “Red

    • I’ll wear pink as nail polish here and there, but I don’t own much in terms of pink clothing and there’s nothing in my home that is pink, except for the occasional cat blanket. I buy a lot of fleece and microfiber blankets because they’re so soft and easy to wash for animals. Another color I’m not fond of is yellow gold. You rarely see me wear anything, other than white metal. Red really makes me cringe though. I know a lot of women that aren’t fans of pink too, you’re not alone.

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