Shake It Out

*This was one of the best performances on The Voice this season. They lost me as a viewer about a month ago, even though I swore I’d get caught up, I really haven’t had the desire to tune in. Eliminating the true talent they had this season angers me. None of them deserved to go home, especially Judith Hill who is extraordinarily talented. I guess the winner will be determined Monday night, with or without my viewership. Maybe I’ll catch up with it at some point, maybe not. 

I’m so glad Christina will be back in her chair for Season 5. I’ve really missed her and the humorous banter between her and the guys. Shakira held her own, but she was not consistently entertaining.*

The ‘How Stupid Some People Can Be’ Blog

As Bill Engvall would say…”There’s your sign!” Some of these are really funny, supremely honest, or just plain comedic. Please check out Shaun’s site for all kinds of honesty and hilarity. He’s got a fine sense of humor. =)

*P.S.:  Thank you Shaun for the Loyal Reader Award you recently bestowed upon me. *