In Memory…

In Memory

“The weird, weird thing about devastating loss is that life actually goes on. When you’re faced with a tragedy, a loss so huge that you have no idea how you can live through it, somehow, the world keeps turning, the seconds keep ticking.” ―James Patterson

In Memory of My Uncle, RMP. 1952-2011

The wind beneath my often severed wings…


4 thoughts on “In Memory…

  1. what a quote…some of us even might refer to it as cruelty that the world just keeps turning as though nothing’s happened. I never knew your Uncle in person but kind of knew him nonetheless. Watched him over and over on TV. Guess most of our community did. A wonderful man and too bad he had to go that early. Which on the other hand is even more true for your worst loss on the 18th five years ago. This month hasn’t been a good month for you thus far and it’s HIGH time for a change XOXO

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