4 thoughts on “Behind These Hazel Eyes

  1. I know someone with hazel eyes… they would change with his mood and I would find myself getting lost in them. Like a mood ring reflecting his feelings. They were green most of the time too. My eyes are actually really dark, almost black which I find strange, though I’m a sucker for boys with light honey colored eyes xx

    • I come from a long line of hazel eyed women. I’m the last of them at the moment, actually.
      Everyone with hazel eyes has a color variation that I think is interesting. Some of them are predominantly honey or amber colored with green or grey in the mix, and others lean more towards the green side. When I have make-up on, my eyes are far more green than any other time and I’ve got an Indigo ring around my iris which is much more pronounced when I have shadow and liner on. I’m probably the only one that notices the changes, but I know they’re more grey or amber with different colors around them. They’re definitely like a mood ring.
      I know a lot of people who have really dark eyes that they consider black too. My Dad’s eyes were dark like that. I’ve got every natural hair and eye color combo imaginable in my family, but I also had blue eyes until I was about 6. I tried several different shades of blue contacts and each time I looked like a vampire, or worse. LOL. All the other colors just plain looked weird on me, so the ones I wear are a light blue tint, but they don’t affect the color of my eyes at all.

    • My Dad had dark brown eyes that were almost black, which is strange as his parents were both blue eyed and his brother also had blue eyes. My brother’s eyes are a cognac shade of brown and he inherited the olive skin as well, his eyes are obnoxiously pretty for a guy.
      My Mom’s eyes were hazel, her mother’s eyes were also hazel, and my Aunt’s used to be, until medication changed the color to dark brown. I am the last of the hazel eyed women in my family, but I come from a family where every single possible natural hair and eye color combination is represented, including violet eyes. I had blue eyes until I was 6, so at least I know I carry the blue eyed gene. Every time I see my eyes I think about how I need to start popping out some mini-me’s. I’m not sure the world is quite ready for them yet. LOL.

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