The ABC Award

Thank you to Fish of Gold for kindly bestowing this award upon me.

The rules of this award are:

  1. Add the ABC logo to your blog. (You can find the logo in my About section, ’cause I’m lazy.)
  2. ABC about yourself using one word or phrase.
  3. Nominate however many blogs you wish.
  4. Let the recipient know via a link in their comments.



















Sleep deprived




Weird enough to always be interesting

Xanax (Which I do not use, but it was the only thing that came to mind for some reason.)

You Only Live Nine Lives (I was going to say twice, but I like nine better. =P)


Nominating: 8 bloggers because it’s a good, even number.


Shaun is always kind enough to chat with me and nominate me for awards, this is my chance to do the same.


Britt is one of my cheerleaders who always makes me smile. I’m seriously going to have to get her cute pom poms. LOL.


Dawn is a kind, generous inspiration and we are becoming true friends. That’s important to me.

4) High, High, Higher

I adore Lillian. She is the first person to ask me to Guest Blog and I have accepted. I’m working on something pretty fantastic.


Mer is SO funny, but underneath the sass and snark is a good person and that shines through. *Hugs*


Smart, hilarious, and SO brilliant. This is a chick I really like.

7) Cupcake Crusaders

What is more cheerful than awesome cupcakes? Seriously, reward yourself right now!!

8) Seth Snap

Photography at its finest.

16 thoughts on “The ABC Award

      • I bookmarked it. I think you can get away with using these words more in spoken language, especially if you have an accent. With the written word, I often roll my eyes because in American English, this sort of thing comes off as obnoxious. That’s something I’ve been trying to explain to a friend who’s second language is English. I wouldn’t want her using certain phrases and having people think she was a moron because she’s not, but there are frames of reference that are used all over the world and some are just used regionally, and the same is true with many words.

      • Yeah I think we all get that. I know one American person was DISGUSTED with a word I used. He emailed me. I emailed him back and reminded him “Not all the world is the USA my friend” He emailed me back with a Sorry and rightly so!!!

        Some people just LOOK FOR PROBLEMS in life..He is one of them. For me. It is accepted, all over my country and the UK.
        I did this blog here:
        Everyone was in tears and laughing hard..Apart from one man, Yeah, an American. “It was disgusting he said” Again, I got a sorry.

        Some people need to understand that the world is not one country. It is “The world”

        So well said and ABOUT TIME someone said what you just said. I am Scottish. If your average American came for a “Night Out” in Scotland, they probably would have sore ears, but this is our culture. There are words American, South American, Indian, Australian people use I “COULD” be offended by, but what is the point? Different Countries different ways. I will give you an example. I was speaking to a American friend on Skype and I said “I need a Fag” he was SHOCKED..You see over Scotland, a Fag is a Cigarette..True Story..
        I find the word offensive in an American context…

        Great reply..
        Common sense also..
        Thank you

        Shaun x

  1. This was fun to read! It’s been a while since I’ve done an awards post but I think one might be in order just for the fun of coming up with personal ABCs. Thank you, Lisa. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for your post! 🙂

    • This was a cute award. It took me about 20 minutes to come up with a word for the entire alphabet, but it amused me. It’s not about the actual award, so much as it is the recognition and the fun of it all.

    • They’ll have to be all glammed up. I’m too much of a diva to allow anything lackluster. LOL. I’ll have to see if anyone on Pinterest has any solid leads on DIY pom poms.

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