Down For The Count, For Now…..

This concussion has really done a number on me. I finally got the headache to stop, but sleeping last night was difficult. I couldn’t find a comfortable position that my head and body both agreed with, so I struggled quite a bit, and then I was up at an un-Godly hour worrying about trash pick-up and recycling. Where did that come from?! I have no idea. Today it’s extreme sensitivity to sound (more than usual), dizziness, balance issues, and my brain just doesn’t seem to be able to hold on to a coherent thought. It feels like someone slipped medication into my system, except I know that didn’t happen. And of course, the actual spot I hit is now starting to show the damage. Initially I expected blood and lots of it, but it’s basically the beginning of a nasty contusion that I’m sure will continue to hurt until it’s completely healed, which can take months. I have a hard head, but now both sides are experiencing those little twinges of pain whenever I turn or move too suddenly, and the birds that have been shrieking in my trees since 4:00 a.m. sound more like trains going through my head. Whatever happens, I am hoping for a halfway decent, possibly even restful weekend. It is Thursday, right?

4 thoughts on “Down For The Count, For Now…..

  1. I’m no medical expert but maybe you might feel a bit better with your head elevated when you’re lying down? That way the blood won’t go to your head and make your head feel even worse. So sorry this is happening, on top of everything else. Keeping you in my thoughts this weekend and sending you good energy!

    • I’ve been through concussions and post-concussion syndrome many times, so I’ve been doing exactly that. It’s mostly about waiting for all of the symptoms to stop, and that can take months. I’m going to be dealing with the headaches and the pain in my skull for a while. Eventually it will stop, but for now, I just don’t feel like myself.
      Thank you for your thoughts & energy. =) TTYS.

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