Concussion Number “I’ve Lost Count”!

My original blog for today will be postponed by a day or so while I recover from a concussion (the true recovery will take much longer, but right now my head is increasingly more painful than it was a few hours ago.). It was 100% my fault. Don’t ask me why I think I can walk around in the dark and not hit anything, because I always hit something. Usually it’s my leg or my knee on the edge or the foot of the bed, leaving behind all kinds of attractive bruises. Late last night, it ended up being the corner of the top of my armoire meeting the left side of my head in a very scary way. I didn’t scream because it was late and I didn’t want to wake my neighbors, but I feel so much more stupid about it today, because as the day has progressed, so too has the pain.

Thus, I’m relaxing on the couch, catching up on some things I haven’t had the time or the patience to watch, and icing my head. Sounds thrilling, I know. Pretty soon I’ll have to walk around the house in a glammed up hockey helmet.

Enjoy your evening everyone, and watch out for your furniture, you never know when it may attack!

P.S. Happy Beltane to my fellow Wiccans!

6 thoughts on “Concussion Number “I’ve Lost Count”!

    • I will feel better when my head stops making me feel like it’s going to pop off. I usually hit the back of my head, this time it was a really stupid spot. I’m lucky it was my head and not my eye. I definitely need to get my eyes checked. I’m losing what little grace I’ve got left!!

    • I think I’ve gone over 10 in my life. That’s a lot. I have no idea why I still think I can walk around in total darkness and find what I’m looking for. I did find what I needed, but that was after the giant smack to my head. I should be forced to wear one of those construction helmets at night with the lamp on it. LOL.

      I’ve only become seriously accident prone in the last ten years or so. Before that, I was really with it. I’ve totally fallen apart.

      • I can’t do that. That is why I have a night light and if I need something in another room, I turn the lights on the rest of the way til I get there. Construction helmet would work too ^_^

      • I have a night light in every room except my own, because I can’t stand lights in my eyes. There’s one in the hall, another that I turn on at night in the bathroom. The ones I used to have in my room annoyed me, they were too bright or I’d have a migraine and unplug them because they’d screw with my senses or make me nauseous, so they had to go. I am SO sensitive to light and sound that if it’s something simple I’ll just get up and grab it. I’m a terrible klutz though. We won’t discuss how many times I’ve fallen down my own stairs since I moved in. It’s embarrassing.

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