Irritated By Design

I spent a few minutes re-designing this blog this morning, making some much needed changes, and putting my unique twist on it. Even though the draft is “saved” and functions quite well, it refuses to save and publish!!! Anyone have any ideas as to what I am doing wrong? Do some background designs require something more that I am maybe not doing? If you have any clues about this, please leave a comment in the appropriate section because I am a step away from throwing my laptop out the window. Any and all help re-vamping my design here would be greatly appreciated.


4 thoughts on “Irritated By Design

  1. What kind of changes would you like to make? Let me know..I will help.. 🙂



    • Thanks!

      I am trying to add a background photo. I was able to do it on my lockeandkeye blog without any problem. You’ll like that one, it’s a Scotland family crest. =P But the one for this page just plain refuses to save and stay put. It’s driving me insane. I even tried using a different photo as a concession, to see if it was the form of photo, but it’s not, it’s something weird and I can’t seem to figure it out. What do you suggest?

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