Bad Day…

Bad Day

Today I was told to get a cat for each one of my bad days, thus inevitably reducing the number of bad days due to “cat company”. If I did that, I’d have to move out. How many cats do people think I can handle at once?! I’m probably over-reaching with the three I want!!  

2 thoughts on “Bad Day…

    • I’m trying. I was going to hit up a local event next month, but even though I am craving the thought of bringing home fuzzy little people, I know I’m not ready. I will have to wait until late summer or October, at the very latest. At least if I wait until then, it’s kind of like a big birthday gift, which is exactly what my cats were so many years ago. I’ve been given a lot of things in life, but my cats and my friends are the BEST gifts anyone could ever receive.

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