3 thoughts on “Because It’s So…

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    I so agree with that! Laughter is definitely wonderful medicine for a rough day! If I would come home from work after a particularly difficult day, I’d shower, make food, and then put in a comedy of some sort. Laughter helps depression and helps calm and rid the mind of anger. Laugh every single day, even if it’s over something you find to be ridiculous….just laugh. 😉

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    If you are able to get through life without laughing that is the saddest (in a sad way not mocking way) accomplishment I have ever heard of, and I hope that you will soon fail at that accomplishment! Fill your life with the things that make you happy, happy people make a happy planet! But if you can help people (like end world hunger or stop tornados, that is even better!) and be happy, that is even more amazing! 🙂

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