Cause An Uproar

Cause An Uproar

If you’ve read my blog post “It’s A Cat Thing”, then you know about my deep and abiding love for domestic cats, and how much I love Cheetahs. This is a great charity that helps to promote Big Cat survival. I’m honestly not a fan of Lions, but even they do not deserve to become extinct. (I do however have a list of people I’d like added to the potential extinction list God/Goddess, just in case you’re reading this. =P Ok, so I’m not really kidding here.). Plus, you can support it by getting a t-shirt or a tote bag and helping to spread the message. Who doesn’t like a new t-shirt?!


What Is Everyone Reading Right Now?

I’m an equal opportunity writer/reader and when I’m having a week where I feel like crap (I know, it’s only Monday! I’m sick and having problems with my laptop, so until the laptop is fixed by my resident Tech Maestro, I have a feeling I’ll be doing some serious reading.) I like to go through my Kindle book list and see what’s recently downloaded that I haven’t read.

My last two books were Drinking & Tweeting by Brandi Glanville (Don’t judge me, read my review. I have found similarly positive reviews for this book on Goodreads, where I am a member and a Librarian. I strongly suggest joining and friending me there if you’re a big reader and follow my blog.) and Indigo Spell by Richelle Mead. Since then I have re-read a couple of old faves, am working my way through a Meditation book, and am now reading Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia.

I have no idea what it is exactly that I want to read right now, but something inspiring would be nice. If you’re reading something particularly good at the moment, drop me a line here or on Goodreads and let me know what it is. You can find me on Goodreads by clicking the link on my blog or by going to

Hope you’re all having a Monday that doesn’t involve copious amounts of hot tea and tissues.