20 years ago today I lost someone very dear to me. I vowed that day to never get involved with drugs or turn to alcohol as a means to cope with anything. I have kept that promise and that vow, and while many people judge that choice, and judge me for holding strong, I know I have honored his memory by walking a different path.

Rest In Peace Kerry, for you may be gone, but you are not forgotten.


3 thoughts on “Tourniquet

  1. Read my Blog tomorrow, April 5th. What I didn’t write in the Blog is that my brpther died of bronchial pneumonia brought on by his body completely shutting down from being an alcoholic! We have a lot in common.

    • I’ve lost a lot of people to drug addiction and alcohol related issues, so I vowed never to allow myself to get mixed up in any of it. I barely drink and I’ve never touched drugs, so I’m proud of myself for keeping a promise to myself that is a big one to make in a world full of temptation. I’ve never been tempted by any of it.

      I too lost a brother. He died before I was born, but I never go around not acknowledging it.

      Alcoholism runs in my family (lots of Russian blood), but my parents were never big drinkers, so I think that helped a lot. I don’t think people realize how dangerous alcoholism really is. It’s a terrifying thing to watch someone go through. I thought my brother might take that route after my father passed away, but he said he caught himself about to really fall, and he poured everything out that day and since then, he’s actually become more like me where drinking is concerned. Now if I could just get him to quit smoking, we’d be golden!

      • I really thought him dying of alcoholism would maybe affect the rest of our siblings and all of the nieces and nephews to not drink as I firmly believe it is hereditary but nooooo I and one other sister stand firm to no alcohol or drugs!

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