“Love heals. If you doubt it, you need more of it. How do you get more of it? By giving more of it. Love is not just for romantic relationships, not just for ‘family’. Love is not just for people.

Beneath the colourful emotions, socialized behaviors and cultured concepts of being ‘partners’ in love, love is the recognition of our own soul matter in another being. The more recognition, the greater the degree of attachment. Every body, every living thing on earth is made up of essentially the same energy and particle and spirit matter. Here’s the magic. We recognize this bond wherever we look for it.

Next time you see a leaf, consider the veins. Next time you’re in the company of an animal consider the sensation, (sight, sound, feeling,) of breathing. Look into the eyes of every creature whenever, wherever possible and be open to the recognition of all that we, ourselves are made up of. Take a detailed account of every mother-infant relationship, every friendship, every co-existence, every life bound spirit.

It’s been said before that love knows no boundaries…”  ―Evette Carter

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