Down, but not OUT!

Today started off promising, until around noon when I started to fight with my wireless router. I was ready to drown the thing, but decided it was a sign to slow down. I did plenty of writing today, I even got some editing done. That’s progress. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to complete part II of the Migraine post, but it’s almost done (I’d rather not half ass my work, or my research.), and that’s better than nothing. Now I get to share this great song and rest my neck injury until tomorrow. I’m mentally & physically exhausted.

Magic Works!

My sleep summoning ‘spell’ obviously worked the other day because I am actually awake at a decent muggle hour, and I have energy, but I suspect that’s from the caffeine in two rounds of migraine medication. Regardless, I’m pleased and wanted to share that I have launched a second blog. It may not interest all of you, as it’s strictly beauty reviews, but you can still check it out if you want.


Hopefully my burst of energy will result in the second half of that blog about Migraines. =)