Admitting It Is The First Step

I’m not sure how it happened, or even when it happened, but I joined Pinterest and the next thing I knew I had a serious problem. I don’t think I’ve gone a single day in the last month without pinning at least 30 things. You know you have a problem when you’ve actually counted and done the math on your new obsession.

I’m not one for fads. I don’t fall for everything the rest of the world is obsessed with. It took me forever before I joined Facebook, and I only did it to help protect the lead character of my book series. No one wants to create something brilliant and have it taken from them by someone who hasn’t a clue as to what they’re doing. It’s an author’s page, but it is also a page for this character. I’ve been with MySpace for years, but couldn’t tell you when I last updated. I refuse to join Twitter. I really don’t care to read the constant brain farts of complete and total strangers and as much as I love some people, I don’t need to know their every waking thought or see photos of every single thing they are doing in a day. We don’t need to be that close, leave something to the imagination please, I beg of you. And yet, even as I stand my ground where certain things are concerned, I am 100% addicted to Pinterest. How in the world did this become my “drug of choice”?!

I’ve caught myself, multiple times mind you, catching up on shows on my DVR, only to realize I have just spent an hour, sometimes two, pinning while watching a show. Basically that means I listened to the show, but didn’t look up a whole lot. It’s like talking on the phone, or listening to the radio in the mindless way you find yourself pin-obsessed with recipes, shoes, jewelry, quotes, photos of animals, photos of places to travel, or places you may have already been, and the list is really endless. I pin recipes as if I’ve never cooked a day in my life! For the record, I’ve been cooking for so long that the only time I’m positive I didn’t cook was when I was in diapers.

The pins started with me innocently looking for “a few new recipes”. This has been the year of new recipes for me as I devoured cookbooks looking, first, for the perfect Minestrone recipe. I have yet to find it because it doesn’t exist!! I’m convinced of this, truly. Next I searched for other soup recipes, things I’d never made before, or things I absolutely adore (New England Clam Chowder for starters), but most recipes are generally too time-consuming for the world’s most impatient woman. Did I find what I was looking for? No, but I found several thousand other things that I have seen fit to pin onto a slew of obnoxious boards in an obsessive compulsive sense of organization. That same tendency should be better focused organizing my kitchen, living room, laundry room, bathrooms, sock drawer, etc. But hey, I’ve reached the point where I’m good, so long as I can find what I need when I need it, everyone else be damned! A clear sign I have lost my mind, and yet I do not have a board aptly named for it, so lost it shall remain as I obsess over Louboutins, nail polish, cats, a truly endless slew of recipes for everything from mixed drinks, coffee, baked goods, and everything in between. It’s a never-ending cycle as I take in the fact that I currently have 36 boards & 109 followers. I haven’t done the math on my pins, but we’re well into the thousands.

I will be seeking help for this addiction, as I am convinced that this time could be better spent on things I actually need to be doing. However, I have yet to delete my account or cease the pinning because I apparently have a deep-seated need to confront these issues.

I figure if Blake Shelton can tweet to his heart’s content (and come on, how hilarious is he?! I love him on The Voice!), I can have my Pinterest boards. Really, what’s the harm?

Goodreads Challenges

On I challenged myself to read 80 books for 2011. It seemed like an immense stretch, until I passed 65 (the first goal I’d set) and thought “What the hell?! I can do this.” I achieved that goal and for 2012 decided to step it up to 90. For those that do not read a lot, the idea that one would challenge themselves to 90 books probably seems insane, not to mention daunting. Especially since I am in the middle of writing my own books, and reading other people’s work is the greatest distraction for any writer. I have three more books to read in order to reach my goal for this year. Crazy? Not when you own a Kindle Fire that can hold thousands of books. Before that, I was buying every single book I read. I still love to buy books. On my last three vacations I came home with brand new books tucked into my suitcases. Barnes & Noble can see me coming a mile away!


I recently finished Cold Days by Jim Butcher, his newest novel in the Dresden Files series. I love these books with a passion. I cannot write what Jim writes. Sure, I can list magical beings until you tire of hearing my voice, and my mind is chock full of facts that most people will never understand, but I cannot put together a body of work like he does. I read it and think “My mind cannot bend in those directions.” His work is on the most beautiful of epic scales, and it offends me that the TV show for these books was scrapped amid the writer’s strike in 2007.

Cold Days is movie worthy from start to finish. It is the book you read and say, “Man, I’d love to see this in the theater.” That’s my selfish wish, that one day these books will be optioned for movies, movies that are clearly already winners because the material for the screenplays is brilliant, snarky, hilarious, imaginative, slightly terrifying, and 100% enjoyable. If you’ve never read a Jim Butcher novel, you need to pick up the first four (Storm Front, Fool Moon, Grave Peril, & Summer Knight) and if you don’t come away hooked, pass them on to a friend. Honestly, I don’t foresee that, but if you do love them, make sure you tell your friends about it. I know I have.

Are there any books you’ve read this year that you’re stoked about? If so, drop me a line and tell me about them.

Welcome To The Madness!

How does one introduce themselves on such a platform when they’ve been writing for 25 years and the “old ways” still work? If it “ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, but you do have to adapt sometimes, even if it seems kind of pointless in the beginning. For the record, I loathe the mere fact that I somehow found a way to use the word “ain’t” at all. It is one of many words that never fails to make me cringe. Whenever I see a fellow writer use it (or even a friend), I have to stifle myself not to say something. Improper use of the English language is such a pet peeve for me. Know this now: If you ever see a misspelled word in anything I write, it’s a rare typo that got away from me, not a descension into illiteracy.

Word of mouth has gained me a following from day one, but I walked away from the work I did in several different sports, life, death, & women’s issues to pursue fiction. So far, so good. Fiction, for me, is a challenge to go further. It’s my way of saying to myself “You can write this, even if you don’t think you can. You can be just as good, or better, than those very same stories you read and want to change.” I’ve been an editor for over 20 years as well. I do it for my own work and for others. I’m the crazy woman that can self-edit her own shopping list, need I say more? LOL.  

I write the exact same way I speak. I’m direct, about as subtle as Thor’s hammer, snarky, and I have my own style and way of doing things. Writing has been an important form of expression for me from the very first moment I realized I had it in my arsenal. Initially it was like pulling teeth, but it helped shape a person who was once painfully shy into the opinionated person she was clearly meant to be. I still have my shy moments, but they’re few and far between.

What can you expect here? I’m not 100% sure. That’s honest, because I have no expectations of what this may or may not become. At some point I am sure I will mention the book series I am currently hard at work on. It’s a huge project with more than 17 stories laid out. Each character is strong, apparently I don’t know how to write weak characters because I, personally, detest weakness. Not just in myself, but in others as well. In turn, I introduce one strong, interesting character after another and even I sit and think about what their back story is at times, because they’re just that unique. I enjoy escaping into their world and getting everything they think and feel on paper. Sometimes the pages flow out of me, and sometimes I have to pull back, do my research, and not push my brain further than it can go in 30 seconds. I’m not the first person to write something of this nature, nor will I be the last. Hopefully this can be a bit of a journey diary as I progress.

For those of you that don’t know me, WELCOME! For those of you that do, should you really be admitting it?

I welcome questions and comments, and look forward to sharing my madness with you.