Girl On Fire

Girl On Fire

There is a bit of a back-story as to why I posted this song. My 21 month old God-daughter is in love with this song. She heard it in the car with her Dad and immediately became obsessed. He immediately downloaded it for her and put it on his iPod, but to no avail. She wants this song All.The.Time. He burned it onto a CD for her and he & her mother play it on a loop whenever she asks for it. I’m talking to her Mom on Skype one day and, as always, the little beauty comes over to the computer to talk to me. She’s known for making slightly bossy demands of me and on that particular day she says “Aunt Li-Li…sing fire.” It comes out a little bit like “Oh Li-Li”, but the “sing fire” part was very clear. I sang the opening chorus and she’s little, so she’s super impressed by this. Whenever we tell her she’s becoming a “big girl”, she believes it’s because she’s a “Girl On Fire”, and then the vocal stylings of Aunt Lisa are even more impressive. It’s become her anthem now, and it’s so incredibly precious that she can connect to something so strongly at such a young age. It’s a fantastic song and every time I hear it, I smile when I think of how she demands I sing it every single time. I do sing, I’ve had vocal training, but I’m not delusional enough to think I sing like Alicia Keys. As long as I sing well enough for my Godchild’s ears, I’m good. She thinks I’m a rock star. It’s precious beyond words.

Enjoy & Have A Happy & Safe New Year!

Long Night’s Moon

Full Disclosure: I am a Moon Child. That means different things to different people. For me, it’s not just a Wiccan reference and it has nothing to do with werewolves or vampires. (Yes, I just rolled my eyes.) Anyone can be a Moon Child, regardless of their religious or spiritual beliefs. I’m not a full time Wiccan, so the reference isn’t entirely in regard to that aspect of my life.

It starts with being a full blown night owl. I have been a night owl since I was in the womb. To this day I am more alive and energetic under the moon and stars than any other time during the course of a day. I come alive right about the same time the moon rises (or as soon as it gets dark), and by the time the moon sets, I’m completely uninterested in the coming sun. I have little use for it.

I know so many people who adore the sun, who thrive in sunlight, who get depressed without it, who believe they never look good without a tan. I’ve never been one of those people. Give me an indigo sky with the moon and stars any day.

Many people have heard me say “I hate the sun. It’s evil.” I do feel that way, and some of it has to do with the fact that I am extremely photo-sensitive. That and I just plain hate the sun. I am often picked on for my extremely pale complexion. I’ve always been very fair, but have maintained said complexion out of a fierce need to stay out of the sun, unless I have sunscreen on, and even then I’m also wearing polarized sunglasses. I am the most rigorous user of sunscreen that I know.

I have a family history of various types of cancer, so I have religiously used sun protection my entire life. I’ve had my share of sunburns and don’t want to make things any worse, so SPF is non-negotiable for me. I usually walk out the door with, at the very least, SPF 20 on. Bare Minerals Advanced Protection SPF 20 Moisturizer is a natural product, so you don’t have to worry about parabens or any other iffy ingredients. It comes in a couple of different options based on your skin type. On days when the sun is more intense, and especially during the summer, I use a different product as my base. Josie Maran Argan Daily Moisturizer with Broad Spectrum SPF 40. This is also a natural product, infused with Argan Oil, and chemical free. It smells amazing and works like a charm. Both products can be worn under make-up or by themselves. (Yes, I’m a bit of a product junkie. Be glad I didn’t start discussing make-up!)

I’m not going to preach my personal views, because we are all entitled to live our lives as we please, so long as we aren’t harming anyone. We all know how important sun and skin protection is. What does this have to do with my love affair with the moon? I have no idea, somehow I got off topic. That happens when you’re naturally long-winded. (That’s a joke. Stay with me!)

My love of the moon extends also to stars. I have always loved astronomy. I could spend hours with a telescope just staring out into the sky. I can always tell you where specific planets are and I love to point out my two most important constellations during the year, both of which shine directly over my house at different times. I can just look up and say “That’s Pisces.” or “That’s Scorpio.” I’m extremely adept at locating planets as well, especially Mars and Venus.

My hope for this final full moon of 2012 is that you will look into the sky tonight, weather permitting of course, and find something you love about the moon and the stars. For the moon will forever balance out the sun. No matter what happens in life…the moon sees all.