A Woman’s Perfume…


I LOVE this. I have strong sensory memory. I vividly remember the perfume my mother wore when I was little, and she’d be all dressed up to go out with my father. She bestowed upon me the idea of a “signature scent”, even though she only wore certain fragrances for weddings and important social gatherings. I can wear my signature year-round, but I tend to wear it more during Fall and Winter because there’s something incredibly sexy about the scent lingering on my clothes, my hair, etc. I have absolute strangers stop me all the time to ask about it, always with a compliment. It’s one of those things that just plain makes a girl feel good about herself. I don’t trust women that don’t wear perfume.

I Had Learn To Be My Own Best Friend


I wish this wasn’t the truth, but it most certainly is.

Originally posted on Positive Outlooks Blog:

I’ve been stabbed in the back by those I needed most. I’ve been lied to by those I love. And I have felt alone when I couldn’t afford to be. But at the end of the day, I had to learn to be my own best friend, because there’s going to be days where no-one is going to be there for me but myself. — Unknown

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